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31.10.2011 01:16 · Хэллоуин стихи

стихи про хэллоуин

Friendly Ghost

I’m a friendly Ghost, I’m a friendly Ghost,
Watch me fly, watch me fly,
I can fly right through the air
See how all the people stare.
Way up high in the sky

Halloween Night

Jack-O-lanterns, Jack-O-lanterns
Hall-O-ween, Hall-O-ween
See the owls gliding,
Coal black cats are hiding,
Ghosts go Boo, Ghosts go Boo

(by Jack Prelutsky)

Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat.
Give us candy, give us cake,
Give us something sweet to take.
Give us cookies, fruit and gum,
Hurry up and give us some.
You had better do it quick
Or we’ll surely play a trick.
Trick or treat, trick or treat,
Give us something good to eat.


Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern,
Halloween, Halloween.
See the witches flying,
Hear the wind a sighing,
Oooooo, Oooooo.

Oh, the Bats

Oh the bats [squeak, squeak] sing a squeaky song.
And they sing [squeak, squeak] nearly all night long.
Catching bugs [squeak, squeak] В‘till the break of dawn.
Then the bats [squeak, squeak] fly away [let balloon go].

Witches on broomsticks
(Adapted by: Terry Kluytmans)

Witches on broomsticks
Ride the air;
Ghosts could be lurking
You say you are brave and
Do not care,
But on Hallowe’en,
My friend, beware!